PressPassTV.com – led by a pioneer of a cost-efficient new form of newsgathering dubbed “backpack journalism” – is developing a video network exclusively for the Internet. PressPasstv.com will focus on creating behind the scenes sports-oriented video webcasts (also know as podcasts) that will revolutionize the relationship between sports journalists, the athletes and sports fans and create a new platform for advertisers. PressPassTV.com will take it’s audience behind the scenes of the world of sports through highly-produced video webcasts. As PressPassTV.com’s founder –Michael Artsis– will lead a team of aggressive sports video journalists in producing interactive content that will captivate our viewers and set the standard for Internet-originated, entertainment-driven sports journalism.

PressPassTV.com will debut in May of 2007 with 12 video journalists spread around the country. The journalists will cover sporting events and teams in their home city and surrounding regions and will produce reports featuring athletes and events in these areas. Each reporter will be responsible for turning 4 stories a week.

Project Partners:

Each PressPassTV.com video journalist will be given a video camera, a laptop computer with editing software, and a press pass. The video journalists will produce a daily 3-to-5 minute sports webcast– and or contribute to composite webcasts featuring multiple PressPassTV.com video journalists. The webcasts will range from hard sports news to light features about athletes to commentary on the day’s sports headlines. PressPassTV.com will cover the four major team sports (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey), as well as tennis, golf, boxing, and auto racing. Major events in other team and individual sports will also be covered. In addition, there will be major coverage of fringe sports and extreme sports that are underrepresented in the mainstream sports media, but have large clusters of dedicated fans and participants, such as skateboarding, hunting Martial Arts, and Video Gaming. Every report will aim to take the viewers behind the scenes and teach or show them something they didn’t know and wouldn’t find anywhere else.